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Our Mission Statement: Protect, Preserve and Promote the Lakes’ Ecosystems for the Benefit of Generations to Come

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Lisa Adams



Vice President:

Martin DeVries




Heidi Haskins




Jeanne Kavanagh




Jamie Fellinger



Linda Irmscher



Sheryl Steenwyk


Tom Shear


Milfoil/AIS Information:

PLM Lake & Land Management Corp

PO Box 424, Evart, MI 49631

800-382-4434 ext. 2200


Lake Manager: Bre Grabill, Environmental Scientist

2020 Tentative Milfoil Treatment Schedule:

Week of:

April 27: Water Quality

May 25: Survey

June 8: Weed Treatment

July 6: Survey, Water Quality

July 13: Weed Treatment

August 10: Survey

August 17: Weed Treatment

September 14: AVAS Survey, Water Quality

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PLM Final Reports 2020:


Algae Bloom Alert

An algae bloom was noticed along the shore in the northwest part of Big Bass Lake earlier this month. Photos were sent to EGLE's lead aquatic biologist in charge of algae blooms, specifically algae that release toxins into the water. Here is the email communication I received, as well as some links you can go to for more information.

AlgaeBloom <algaebloom@michigan.gov>


Tue, May 19 at 8:39 AM

Hi Lisa, I would say “good to hear from you again” but I guess, not under these circumstances. Also, apologies on the late response. I just found out last week that I will be laid off every Monday through the month of July, so Tuesdays are my new “Monday” for the next couple months.


All of that said, the (sort of) good news is that those pictures are of filamentous green algae. I have been receiving calls and emails from all over the state about it since the spring blooms are occurring. I have also been noticing it in ponds near my house. While not aesthetically pleasing for sure, it is not capable of producing toxins. Where we become concerned is when we see the cyanobacteria (which are capable of producing toxins) that looks like spilled paint across the water surface. The filamentous green algae blooms are typically a result of excess nutrients. 


This algal bloom was most likely caused by a combination of nutrients from many sources. All septics that close to the water are going to contribute nutrients to the water. Sometimes where you find algae is just a matter of it having both a hard substrate to grow on like rocks and plenty of sunlight. Of course that doesn't mean that everyone shouldn't be properly maintaining their septics! 


Below is a fact sheet about cyanobacteria and some websites that could be helpful to disperse to riparians about both algae and nutrient reduction.


Thanks, Aaron

Hazardous Algae Bloom FAQs










2020 NEWS!

  • What can I put in the lake?

  • 2020 MI Inland Lakes Virtual Convention: Agenda and meeting notes

  • Here is the map of the 2020 DASH sites

  • BBL Special Edition Newsletter: This special edition newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the SAD and what is being done on Big Bass Lake this summer.  Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call, text or email Lisa Adams.


  • Genotyping data:

    • In August of 2019, Lisa Adams worked through the US Forest Service to collect milfoil samples for genotype (DNA) analysis by Dr Ryan Thum at Montana State University. (This analysis was part of a grant and did not cost BBL any money.)​

    • A total of 13 samples were collected and analyzed.

    • The results were reported to the US Forest Service and shared with us. See the map here.

    • Unfortunately, all of the samples collected were hybrid Eurasian milfoil.  Hybrid Eurasian milfoil is not as sensitive to the herbicides used to control regular Eurasian milfoil.

    • This may have an impact on how PLM will treat our lake. I will be discussing with Bre Grabil on Feb 26th and will provide an update then.


  • DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) opportunity this summer!

    • Final Report from MTT DASH Divers, LLC

    • Partnering with the US Forest Service and Trout Unlimited, BBL has the opportunity to pilot a small DASH project.​  I am currently preparing the EGLE permit.

    • When DASH is performed, scuba divers pull the milfoil plants out of the lake bottom by the roots. These plants are immediately fed into a suction hose, transported to the surface and bagged for disposal.

    • A curtain surrounds the area to minimize the spread of sediment.

    • If successful, we may be able to integrate DASH into our lake management plan to control the amount of herbicide put in the lake to control the milfoil.

    • Look for a full description and update at our June Lake Association meeting. 


  • RESOLUTION SUPPORT CLEAN BOATING LAW AND PROTECT BBL FROM FURTHER INFESTATION OF INVASIVE PLANTS!  Several riparians from BBL and other waters in Elk Township are coming together to request a Resolution from the Elk Township Board.  This Resolution would be to control the further introduction of non-native species into lakes and rivers within Elk Township by requiring the washing/cleaning of watercraft, motors, trailers or other gear prior to launching same into waters of the watershed; to prohibit the dumping of bait boxes or aquariums into the watershed. You can express your support by: 1.) appearing in-person at the Elk Township Board meeting, Feb 11, 7:00 PM at the Elk Township Hall; 2.) sending an email to the Lou Fitz, Elk Township Supervisor at riversbend@jackpine.net; 3.) calling the township hall at 231-266-5983; or 4.) mailing a letter by USPS 

    • The Elk Township Board approved a Resolution supporting the the new MI "clean boat" law on February 11, 2020. Read it here!​


  • PETITION TO CONTROL WEEDS IN INLAND PUBLIC LAKES IN ELK TOWNSHIP.  At the Feb 11 Elk Township Board meeting, riparians from BBLB Lakes, Harper Lake, Elbow Lake, Cool Lake, and Sand Lake will petition the Elk Township Board to add a line item to the 2020-21 budget to appropriate money from the contingent or general fund to support the control of weeds in inland public lakes within Elk Township.  You must reside and own real property within Elk Township to sign the petition. You can express your support of this petition by appearing in-person at the Elk Township Board meeting, Feb 11, 7:00 PM at the Elk Township Hall or by signing a petition and mailing or turning it in at the township hall.  There is an article from Attorney Cliff Bloom that more fully explains the petitioning of townships for funds.

  • Contact Lisa Adams with any questions or comments about the Resolution and/or Petition; sciencechick01@yahoo.com or 231-729-3355 (call or text).

2020 MLSA (MI Lake & Stream Associations) Newsletters 

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